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We Care - Give back to the society with love charity

Published at 1 year ago

Take it from society and give back for society. The “We Care Project” mainly allows users to make small donations independently through WePost, and we will donate all the final funds to valid welfare organizations.

Users simply need to check the Charity Donation Service option when submitting a shipment, with donation amounts ranging from a minimum of RM 0.2 to a maximum of RM 10.

While the payments come from users, we don't charge any operating fees for and donate the same amount based on the money raised each month.

We will disclose the total amount of donations, the list of donating users, the beneficiary welfare organization and the donation receipts every month.

Members can check the amount of personal donations in the settings, and which welfare activity each money is used for.

We sincere gratitude to every member who has supported us in this project.

If any welfare organizations to need our assistance, can send an email to support@wepost.com.my.

Charity WePost

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