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Normal and Sensitive Goods sensitive-item-list

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The shipping goods are generally classified into two categories which is “Normal goods” and “Sensitive goods”. This classification is applied in custom inspection process for China export duty to other countries. If the sensitive goods are shipped via an normal clearance channel, it may leads to fail clearance bypass. The consequences of this would be a delayed shipment or required extra shipping fee to proceed to the sensitive freight.

The following table gives a detailed classification for Air freight and Sea freight with different normal goods and sensitive goods:

Air freight

Normal goods

Clothes, shoes, bags, furnitures, maternal and child supplies, sports equipment, non battery or magnet containing goods, books

Generally everything excluding batteries, liquid, powders, branded stuff, magnets and sprays

Sensitive goods

Branded/ Counterfeit goods, Branded stuffed toys, valuables, jewelry, liquid, medications, CDs, batteries, electrical appliances, sharps, food and beverages.

Prohibited goods

Weapons, animals, currencies, flammable product, high pressure gas or sprays, dangerous cargo, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, plants, drone

Sea freight

Normal goods

Clothes, shoes, bags, furnitures, maternal and child supplies, sports equipment, non battery or magnet containing goods, books, electrical appliances

Minimal quantity of liquid/powder form, medication, cosmetics, food, beverages, chemicals, perfume, supplements, pesticides, ceramics, toilet bowl, bricks, marbles, sex toys

Sensitive goods

Significant quantity toys, ceramics,, toilet bowl, marbles, pesticides, food and beverages

Prohibited goods

Tobacco, Flammable Product, Dangerous Cargo, Animals, Drugs, Air Conditioning Refrigerant, Plants, Alcohol

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